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Product information "The Marvel of Light - Schmid, Alfred"

The field of vision of scientists is daily becoming narrower as it is more and more confined to the microscope-like use of scientific formulas. It is true that statements about conditions in the microscopic realm can be arrived at in this way, but the spirit with its autonomous capacity which enables us to grasp the world in its entirety is more and more denied and dethroned. "The more we know about what a thing is doing, the less we know about what it really is".

In the view of the author, however, this development represents a return in the swing of the world pendulum: We are witnessing the historic change-over which leads from mathematical abstraction of the individual unit to the gnostic vision of the whole. As a natural science philosopher, the author stands for the thesis "God created man so that by this partaking in spirit he is able to comprehend the revelations of nature which are active in each space-time moment".

His physical theses are novel, compelling and decisive enough to challange the reader to take up his own position.

"There is no such thing as radiant energy!" - this central thesis runs through the entire text like Galileo's inexorable "and nevertheless the earth does move!"

Alfred Schmid (1899-1968), a Swiss citizen, taught from 1928 to 1931 as an associate professor of physical chemistry at the University of Basel, Switzerland. After some years in Germany he returned to his home country in 1946.

As a physical scientist he became well-known for his inventions, such as that of the "diffusion gas electrode" in 1923. "Through the works of Alfred Schmid, the way was opened for the development of modern fuel cells", K. J. Euler "The Development of Electrolytical Fuel Cells", 1974, Munich.

Alfred Schmid furthermore discovered, among other things, the "semipyrophorous" character of iron; he invented and developed the glass-fiber-reinforcing of artificial resins, and the primary battery, as well as so-called "homogenous wood", the predecessor of chipboard.

During the last fifteen years of his life he focussed his attention particularly on natural philosophy and published this book under the original title of "Traktat über das Licht" (Athenäum Verlag, Bonn, 1957).

See further "Principium Motus" published by Graue Edition.

Author Schmid, Alfred
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ISBN 978-3-906336-94-7
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